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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Toy

Gennie just bought a GPS navigator for herself as an early B-Day present instead of waiting until next weekend. So far we agree that it was a good investment.

Garmin nĂ¼vi 750 – Listen to MP3s & ogg formats, audio books, view photos, transmit spoken street names over stereo speakers with FM transmitter, POIs include: gas, Police, Fire, Hospital, add more with free software or buy an SD card with detailed POIs with reviews and ratings of all known businesses in their database.

Who knows what the replacement model will offer this year at the comparable price: Bluetooth, lane assist, traffic. I’ll bet that the models that currently do that at the $500-$800 price range will drop to the $400 range. What else could they add? E-books, gas prices, Wi-Fi, internet browser? Might as well be a UMPC…

nuvi 750

nuvi 750

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Greg and Shellie Lomenick said...

Good for you! I wouldn't mind having one. If I had one, I wouldn't have to call up my Dad at 10:45 at night on the way home from Dodger stadium and ask him to mapquest us home from some random address (and be in the worst part of L.A.).