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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kids same the funniest things sometimes...

The following is a copy of the letter Ashton wrote to Hunter today at Ya Ya's house. The italic portions are Gennie's commentary. I especially like the part where he talks about how missionaries dress and about Obama. Hope you enjoy!!!

Dear Uncle Hunter,

I really like you. I like you 3 wheeler in the garage. I want some X-Box stuff for my birthday (we don't have an X-Box, we have a Wii). My birthday is May 20th. I will be six years old! I want you to come back someday (Hunter comes home Sept. 16th, 2009). When you come back I want to play with you. At school I'm doing adding. And writing and syllables. At recess I like to ride the bikes... and scooters. My friends are Joseph and PJ. And RJ. PJ and RJ are cousins. They are both in my class. My favorite snack to take to school is Fruit-by-the foot. Strawberry is my favorite flavor (he recently learned how to read the word strawberry as well). I get on the smiley face everyday now. I like Rebakah, too. And you! I play princess with my sister (dress up is their favorite thing to do together. He dresses her up like she is his little baby doll and she LOVES it. I think they go through about 6 costume changes a day!!!). My favorite game is Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Whoever gets the most marbles wins. I always win! Rebekah plays too, but she only gets one. My favorite song at primary is "When Joseph went to Bethlehem." It's a Christmas song. My favorite song for Family Home Evening is "Follow the Prophet." You have to follow the prophet and Jesus. When you go on missions you get to wear clothes like the President of the United States. Obama is the president. Hope you already know that from on TV!!! Today at Ya Ya's house I painted the back wall with water in a bucket and a paint roller. But it dried. I also got to ride on my scooter. I watched a little bit of the food channel and Phinneas and Ferb (Disney Channel cartoon that's on in the afternoon) and Sponge Bob (I remember that Hunter used to watch Sponge Bob ALL the time as a kid! How funny.). I really like you doing good stuff like Jesus tells you, I like coloring on my new notebooks. That's All (he ends ALL of his letters to Hunter with, "That's All").

I love you

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Greg and Shellie Lomenick said...

That's a great letter. I love it. Oh, and Landon's favorite game is Hungry, Hungry Hippos too! He asks for it every time we go to Greg's parents' house.